Tazzarine located 10 km from Tamsahelte is a small town that counts 20,000 inhabitants. It is not yet overcrowded by tourism. In the main street there are some shops and a petrol station. On Wednesday there is market. It gets very crowded as everyone nearby will be offering their merchandise. But Tazzarine has more to offer. On a platform just above the town you have a beautiful panorama over the city with dozens of mosques and palm gardens. In the heart of the city you walk between the walls built in clay and along irrigation canals. Here and there one can enjoy tea or arefreshing drink in a garden. The city also has about five marabouts. These are cemeteries for religious leaders. Once a year there is Mossim, a festival where the inhabitants of the region visit the deceased leaders. In the evening there is music everywhere in the city.


From the main road a bumpy road leads through the river bed which is mostly dry and along the vegetable gardens to the village. In the shadow of the houses men are chatting about everyday life. The village counts about one hundred inhabitants.There is a mosque, a primary school and a shop and on a hill the Riad du Sud, the only hotel in the village. People live from agriculture.Despite the dry climate different wells produce sufficient water for the residents and for irrigation of the gardens. You can easily walk around and some residents are glad to invite you at their home to enjoy the traditional tea. In earlier times, the village and the area was guarded. Witness are the watchtowers on the hills.

Places to visit in Tazzarine

Foum Tizza: Also near Tazzarine are the dunes of Foum Tizza. A track through the flat land leads to the foot of the dunes. The yellow sand surrounds the blue-black rocks. The dunes are not yet touristic what gives them certainly an added value and where you can admire quietly the immensity of the desert. In the surrounding area fossils can be found. Nearby the dunes is possibility to set up camp.

Ait Ouazik: Ait Ouazik is a few kilometres away from Tazzarine. The village lies in a valley. You can still visit the ruines of a Kasbah. The attraction is the prehistoric site consisting of rock drawings. The drawings date from about 5000 years BC when the area was still steppe.
The drawings represent wild animals such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, buffalo, antelope, etc. .. Also geometric figures are found such as spirals, concentric arcs, circles. All these figures refer to a period of hunting. Some scenes seem to indicate how hunting was performed in earlier times namely by using traps. Also the search and and accessing of the game can be distracted from the drawings.

On arrival at the site Ait Ahmed Lahcen will be pleased to guide you around.

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