Kasbah Nkob: Riad du Sud Tamsahelte – Hotel in Nkob Region

Discover the allure of Kasbah Nkob, affectionately known as Riad du Sud Tamsahelte, nestled in Morocco’s Draa Valley. Formerly an ancient farm, this kasbah exudes traditional Berber charm and hospitality, offering a unique retreat immersed in cultural richness and natural beauty.

Embrace Berber Hospitality

Situated just 20 kilometers from Nkob village and 10 kilometers from Tazzarine, Kasbah Nkob welcomes guests with nine thoughtfully furnished rooms, boasting over 27 cozy beds. Each room is a blend of comfort and tradition, reflecting the timeless allure of Moroccan architecture.

Tranquil Oasis in Tamsahelte

Escape the hustle and bustle in the serene village of Tamsahelte, where Kasbah Nkob Riad du Sud offers a peaceful retreat. Relax on the terrace and soak in panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains and desert landscapes – a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Savor Authentic Moroccan Delicacies

Delight your palate with authentic Moroccan cuisine at Kasbah Nkob. From fragrant tagines to freshly baked bread, every dish is a culinary journey through Morocco’s flavors and traditions, enjoyed in a setting that embodies Berber hospitality.

Explore the Draa Valley

Use Kasbah Nkob as your base to explore the Draa Valley’s treasures. Discover ancient kasbahs, browse bustling local markets, or embark on desert adventures – each experience offering insights into Morocco’s cultural heritage and natural wonders.

Plan Your Escape to Riad du Sud Tamsahelte

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, cultural immersion, or a serene retreat, Kasbah Nkob promises a memorable stay. Experience the warmth of Berber hospitality amidst the tranquil beauty of the Draa Valley at Riad du Sud Tamsahelte.

Conclusion: Kasbah Nkob – Authentic Moroccan Charm

Uncover the magic of Kasbah Nkob, lovingly known as Riad du Sud Tamsahelte, where tradition meets tranquility in Morocco’s Draa Valley. Whether for a short stay or an extended retreat, Kasbah Nkob invites you to immerse yourself in authentic Moroccan charm and hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable experience enriched by cultural depth and natural splendor.

Book Your Room at Kasbah Hotel Riad du Sud

Book your room at Kasbah Hotel Riad du Sud and embark on a journey into Morocco’s cultural heart. Experience the tranquility of Tamsahelte, indulge in authentic Moroccan flavors, and discover the beauty of the Draa Valley, all while enjoying the comfort and hospitality of this unique kasbah. Start your Moroccan adventure with Kasbah Hotel Riad du Sud – where every moment is infused with the spirit of Berber tradition and natural splendor.

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