Merzouga, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Kasbah Hotel in Nkob

Located in southeastern Morocco, this small town would give any traveler the charm to enjoy his or her summer adventure. The beautiful place and the things to do offer a great time to anyone who wants to enjoy the summer vacation or bonding they plan to do.

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Mountain travelers would love not only the beauty but also the majestic view offered this mountain range. Located at the coast of Morocco towards Alergia, you would find the joy and thrill of mountain climbing. One of the many attractions is the Toubkal National Park where visitors could experience some fun and serious mountain climbing.

The Valley of the Draa

Morocco, Draa Valley, oasis

The Valley of the Draa extends from Ouarzazate to Mhamid. The river winds its way along the rocks and pulls a green stripe of 200 km through the countryside. In Mhamid the Drâa dies out in the desert.