High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Mountain travelers would love not only the beauty but also the majestic view offered this mountain range. Located at the coast of Morocco towards Alergia, you would find the joy and thrill of mountain climbing. One of the many attractions is the Toubkal National Park where visitors could experience some fun and serious mountain climbing.

You would have a great time doing outdoor activities with your friends and family. You could enjoy the experience sports that would fit your interests such as winter skiing. People who want to experience more fun and adventure could visit Todra that is located on the east part of North Atlas.

This would give you a sweeping view of the mountains and canyons around the area. The several kilometer adventures that range from 600 meters or equivalent to 2, 000 feet is a sure hit for tourists. There is also the mudrock city found within the area. Famous for the attractive sites and the activities made around the area, any traveler would love to stay in here a while longer.

The Greatness of the Berber Community

The Berber’s long recorded influence had affected the commerce by establishing a trading route to the farther region, where they are able to transport their goods beyond the deserts to the cities in Northern Morocco. Indeed, the identity of the Berber people is usually a lot wider than of the language, ethnicity, and craft – it encompasses the entire history and the geography of Morocco and North Africa.

On the other hand, if you try to visit Souks in the Marrakech, your eyes will see overwhelming options of Berber’s craftsmanship – from the stunning silvers like Tuareg and Amazigh jewelry to the handmade rugs – you will surely appreciate their skills and talents of creating such wonderful products. However, if you feel like seeing the products don’t satisfy you that much or you are curious about the people who created those items and learn more about the authentic Berber people, we recommend you to travel to the traditional Berber Village for a trip, for example as part of your wondrous excursion to the Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains.

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