Camel rides to Merzouga

camel trek

DAY 1 : TAZZARINE – TAGHBALTE The camel ride starts in Tazzarine. The hotel provides transportation to the departure place. The ride goes over a plain, passing rocks and sand dunes and through the villages Timganine and Seghdrar. We stop to visit the dunes of Taghbalte and drive to

Camel Excursions Morocco

DAY 1 : TAMSAHELTE – AIT OUARZIK The camels will leave in front of the hotel. The journey starts after breakfast. The road leads over a plateau, through riverbeds and over the Imi N’Aoujgal where our cook prepares lunch. At the top of the pass we have a beautiful view over the surrounding mountains and … [Read more…]

Trekking Jebel Saghro, Morocco

When trekking with us you discover Jbel Saghro, a fascinating landscape. On all walks mules accompany us and they carry the luggage. Also, a guide and a cook are available for you. Canadien tents are provided for multi-day trekkings. After completing your journey, we can arrange transportation to your next destination.